Wheel Life 42 Blowing Things (UP)

Bukit Batok got its name from the explosions used to be heard when there was a quarry in the area. Lately, the township had a different kind of explosion in a car park. The guys investigate and come up with a few theories of their own…

Have you ever wondered what the outside temperature read-out on your car’s dashboard is for? It’s more then just letting you know if you’ll need that extra sweater or not…

We also have a plethora of new BMW models to review; between the 430i Convertible, 440i Coupe, M550i xDrive and 530e iPerformance PHEV there should be something for every one in here.

As always, we round up the show with another exciting round of Are You Smarter than an L-Plater and boldly go where no one has (bothered to) go before.

Wheel Life Ep 41 – The Farce & The Furious

The guys bravely take to the Friendly Skies and regale their worst flight experiences – which still pale in comparison to Dr. Dao’s…

In case you’re thinking about catching Fast & Furious 8 (The Fate of the Furious), you might want to listen to Sheldon’s review of the movie first.

Speaking of fiction, we separate fact from myth about fuel saving features such as Start-Stop systems.

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 R-line is reviewed in our test drive of the week. Find out how it stacks up against classy competitors from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

And no episode of Wheel Life with Joe Augustin would be complete without a perplexing round of Are You Smarter Than An L-plater?


Wheel Life Ep 40 – We’re 40… It’s all downhill from here

There are reports of a new Zika outbreak and because we suffer from a diminished ability to employ common sense, we start our show right in the middle of it!

A listener seeks our expert advice in choosing between a petrol-electric hybrid or diesel. Our answer may surprise you.

Just in from Taiwan, Sheldon gives his verdict on the all-new Porsche Panamera range. Find out if you should sell your house for this car or not.

The Kia Niro is our test drive of the week. More hybrid insights continue.


And of course, no episode is complete with a round of Are You Smarter Than An L-Plater?


Wheel Life 39: Stuffed crab shells and Nasi Dagang

Are covered walkways a luxury? And why did it happen that covered walkway was constructed that stopped a few meters short of the MRT station? Sheldon thinks it’s all a conspiracy.

Sheldon and Simon take a drive to the Tanjong Jara on the East Coast of Malaysia resort with the M Club of Singapore. You won’t believe the lengths Sheldon will go to in search of local delicacies like stuffed crab shells and nasi dagang.

And on the subject of going to great lengths, you’ll be amazed at how far the resort staff went in the name of good service (hint: she got her grandmother).


The guys also took our the BMW 540i for a test drive – which included a trip to Ikea (if you’re wondering if that’s an important detail, wait till you hear what they did at knock-down-furniture central).


From long walks on the beach to trips to Ikea in a BMW 540i, Simon and Sheldon sure seem to have Disney thing going…

You also won’t want to miss this exciting round of Are you smarter than an L-plater? Because we wouldn’t either.


Wheel Life 38 – And the oscar REALLY goes to…

We hear PricewaterhouseCoopers might be looking for new accountants at next year’s Academy Awards ceremony so the guys might as well give it a try.

This brings us to our favourite car movies and why we love them.

Nissan resurrects the Pulsar name and Sheldon reviews the all-new car in our test drive of the week.

Sheldon also makes a big announcement about evo Singapore.

And of course, no episode of Wheel Life is complete without a round of Are You smarter than an L-Plater?

Wheel Life Ep 37 Yuey Tan

It seems anyone can be appointed by The White House these days so the Wheel Life guys are as prepared for the job as anyone.

Speaking of unusual jobs, our studio guest, Yuey Tan is one of a very small group of Singaporeans who drives racing cars for a living as he prepares of his 9th season of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia series.

If you’ve ever fancied a career in motorsports, you’ll want to listen to some of Yuey’s tips including his hunch on whether or not the Singapore Grand Prix will continue beyond 2017.

By some strange coincidence, all THREE car Sheldon talks about have their exhausts systems built by Akrapovic. You’ll want to listen to the sound of the 710hp Bentley Continental Super Sports at full chat.

Next, he tells us about the Alpina B7. You’re not going to believe what else the optional Lavalina leather option could get you.

Sheldon also test drives the Alpina XD3 and gives his verdict.


Of course, no episode of Wheel Life with Joe Augustin would be complete without a round of Are you smarter than an L-plater?






Wheel Life 36 Mobile Mayhem

The Wheel Life team is split over the latest legislation on holding a mobile device in your hand while driving your car. Sheldon pulls out his civil liberties banners and campaigns on behalf of the world’s smart phone addicts while Simon and Joe disapprovingly doff their legal wigs at him.

Has the Singapore traffic police really decided to make the application of speeding fines as petty as it gets or is this more fake news starting to unravel? Either way, we help you to get a better understanding of your speedo – you’re probably not going as fast as you think you are…

The heart-jerking story of Simon’s quest to find an old friend called B. Buggy who has turned from red to blue since they last met.

No road test this week thanks to CNY but Sheldon still has plenty to regale us with on the arrival of his new Nissan Note, which it seems can do a lot more than simply carry a tune.

Wheel Life Ep 35 – Formula One fallout

Diving in this week with the news of the ousting of billionaire F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone from his long held position of Chief Executive of Formula One Group. The guys discuss the end of an era, his replacement by a taller person and how he’s going to get by on a UK pension.

Apparently Bernie was not impressed by the cost of Bak Kwa around Chinese New Year…


evo magazine’s ‘1 day intern’, Ryan joins this episode of the podcast to talk about his day out in the mighty Mercedes AMG C43 and how he has been plotting to steal Sheldon’s job.

Looks like it’s been a long day for Ryan….


The real Editorial Director stoically fights back for his role with a hearty review of yet two more Mercs in a segment that was not brought to you by Cycle & Carriage. (Advertising is optional but always very welcomed…)

Plus, what the hell is a Shooting Brake or an Avant for that matter and should we really care?


Wheel Life Ep 34 Singapore Motorshow round-up

After riding shotgun with stunt driver Russ Swift, the guys give their verdict on the recently concluded Singapore Motorshow, their favourite cars that were unveiled.

How does the Singapore Motorshow compare to international counterparts such those in Geneva, Frankfurt or Paris?

We also discuss the merits of chrome-bodied cars and what the next trend for bodywork finishes will be.

Joe defends his undefeated winning streak (of one instalment) of Are You Smarter than an L-plater? Play along and see if you should be ashamed of yourself. – yes, we’re the only game show with that tag-line.

Wheel Life Ep 33 – Better Safe(room) than sorry

We start the first podcast of 2017 by letting ourselves out of a safe room with good reason… (really we had a good reason).

The guys report on how their year-end break which included an extended test drive of a BMW 116d. Entry models don‘t get better than this. Find out why.

We preview the upcoming Singapore Motorshow and tell you about some of the models you can expect to see as well as some you won’t.

Hybrid cars are set to be more popular than ever we get you up to speed on the latest models as well as what to expect from the next generation of electric vehicles.

The second test drive review also gives Sheldon an opportunity to demonstrate his ability to fix a flat tyre without a spare! (Take THAT Top Gear).

And of course we round up the show with another installation of Are You Smarter Than An L-plater?